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AWUF data is Nigeria #1 data recharge solution for generating and printing data recharge cards for mobile networks.

How AWUF Data recharge card Works
AWUF data recharge card works on a simple SMS-based system .i.e. You load the voucher by texting or sending SMS to an automated long number. The SMS will contain the AWUF PIN and receiver's phone number. So, once the SMS request is sent to the automated long number, the data would be automatically credited to the receiver's phone number. It's that simple and fast!

How to Load AWUF Data Recharge Card
awuf data recharge card

Text or Send SMS; AWUF PIN PhoneNo to 07067480729
e.g. AWUF 1234567890 081xxx to 07067480729
* AWUF - Keyword to load Data card
* 1234567890 - PIN from data card
* 081xxx - Phone of recepient
* 07067480729 - Automated Long number
Please note that the words in the SMS request are separated by a space. i.e.
AWUF [space] 1234567890 [space] PhoneNo
SMS request can be sent from any mobile network (MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile) but there is airtime cash back for SMS sent from MTN or GLO number.

Current Price for MTN Data Recharge Card
Data validity period is 30 days
1GB Card, 1 piece - ₦455
2GB Card, 1 piece - ₦910
5GB Card - 1 piece ₦2275

You can also enjoy special discount as a super dealer when you generate and print bulk vouchers
1GB Card, from 50 pieces - ₦450
2GB Card, from 30 pieces - ₦900
5GB Card - from 10 pieces ₦2250

Current Price for GLO Data Recharge Card
Data validity period is 30 days
1.8GB Card - ₦900
4.5GB Card - ₦1800
7.2GB Card - ₦2250
8.75GB Card - ₦2700
12.5GB Card - ₦3600
15.6GB Card - ₦4500
25GB Card - ₦7200
32.5GB Card - ₦9000

Current Price for Airtel Data Recharge Card
Data validity period is 30 days
3GB Card - ₦1,461.53
6GB Card - ₦2,436.53
11GB Card - ₦3,899.03
15GB Card - ₦4,874.03
40GB Card - ₦9,749.03
75GB Card - ₦14,624.03
8GB Card - ₦2,924.04
110GB Card - ₦19,499.04
2GB Card - ₦1,169.03
4.5GB Card - ₦1,949.03

Current Price for 9Mobile Data Recharge Card
Data validity period is 30 days
1GB Card - ₦970
1.5GB Card - ₦1164
2.5GB Card - ₦1940
4GB Card - ₦2910
11.5GB Card - ₦7760
15GB Card - ₦9700
27.5GB Card - ₦17460
30GB Card - ₦26675
60GB Card - ₦53350
100GB Card - ₦82442.24
120GB Card - ₦106700
5.5GB Card - ₦3880

How Much Profit Can You Make With AWUF Data Recharge Card
AWUF Data recharge gives you the opportunity to make ₦40 - ₦100 profit per card.

How To Generate and Print Data Recharge Card on AWUF data
- Sign up as a dealer here. It is free!
- Log in to your dealer account or click here
- Click on Menu -> Select network; MTN, GLO
- Select denomination -> Cards (How many pcs) -> Click Send
- The data recharge card will be automatically sent to your email as PDF attachment within 2-5 minutes, then you can download and print.
To print data recharge card, you must have sufficient fund in your dealer wallet.

How to Fund Your AWUF dealer wallet
There are two methods
1. Pay online (Instant Funding)
Log in to the AWUF dealer portal to fund your wallet online. Click here
2. Cash deposit or bank transfer
Log in to the AWUF dealer portal to get the bank account details. Click here

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